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Side-note: Arstpace is inching toward creating an eco-friendly space. Recycling plastic has already become a reality for us as we inch toward zero-waste policy. We will keep you updated along the way regarding our journey. If you would like to exchange tips on how we can mutually turn our life-spaces into environmentally conscious havens, get in touch with us on:


In all that we do,

our vision includes you.

We welcome the unity

in community.

In this divine dance, love guides us, not chance. 

When we first started out, we referred to Artspace as a contemporary space for artists.

Our philosophy is shifting and evolving—as our planet shifts and evolves—into a sacred space of mindfulness. This is reflected in our new workshops, that revolve around art, awareness and intuition, and our interactions with members and visitors who continue to inspire us and invite us to expand into a community space  for love, art,

and awareness.


Come join us as we transcend rules and regulations and bask in the flow. As you enter the building, a manifestation of love, listen to the silent voice that speaks to you from within, get in touch with the center that resonates in your soul. When the mind and body and the spirit are aligned, the art we create transforms from the individual ego to the collective. In turn, inspiration becomes the norm.

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